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so. welcome to sexonvinyl.

our community is based on indie music, but we're not close-minded. all types of genres are equally respected. this community is also a rating community. you're not, however, soley judged on looks. you will be judged on musical taste, and opinions as well. we're not shallow, but we're not stupid either. if you're annoying, cruel, or just plain ignorant, we advise you not to apply. and if you do? expect to be criticized.

we're not assholes either. so don't be shy. apply!

first 10 members are auto accepted.

Auto-Accepts are now CLOSED.

for members:
- don't argue with the mods. this will result in an immediate ban from the community without warning.
- please respect all members. opinions are expected, but don't be a complete jerk.
- UPDATE! nobody wants a dead community, and plus it's more fun.
- please make all entries in an lj-cut.
- sways are allowed, but be creative?
- all entries must be friends only.
- have fun? this isn't supposed to be a sad community.
- enjoy. judge. indulge. promote.

for applicants
- put "come to joy" in the subject line.
- don't disrespect the members, that's just rude considering you're trying to get in.
- please fill out the entire application.
- you may comment back to members.
- if you get rejected, please don't flip the fuck out? thanks.
- have fun. good luck. thank you for applying.


none yet. we're still working on it.

A Note From Jordan :
Even though the 1st 10 members are auto-accepted, it'd still be nice if you could fill out an application, so we can get to know you a little better. thanx.

A Note From Annette :
agreed. and although you have been accepted, please continue to promote. we really want this community to work, and it won't unless our members do their best to get oour name out there.